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Welcome Junior Class!!!


Junior Class Updates:
It is crazy to think summer is almost over! With that in mind it is time to start Fall Time Concessions for sports.  Remember this is a group effort and all people should volunteer equally!

Helpful Links for Current and Future Plans

1. College Entrance Exams (ACT & SAT)
Most colleges, universites, and tech colleges request a college entrance exam score for completion of an application.  Here in the Midwest most higher educational institutions request the ACT.  It is important to be start looking early for possible future institutions during late 10th grade to early 11th grade.  Most students tend to take to this exam 2 times, but you really only need to take it once for a completed score... Below are some websites for assistance with College Entrance Exams!!

ACT Admissions Exam Website:
SAT Admissions Exam Website:

Top 15 ACT Tips to Ace the Test:
Minnesota 4-year College ACT Score Cutoffs:

2. Resumes & Cover Letters
Your resume doesn't have much time to make a great impression. In fact, you can count in seconds the time your resume has to get noticed. What can you do to make sure your resume gets you into consideration for an interview?  Below are some helpful links to help you create the perfect resumes.  Also, if you would ever like me, Mr. Bilskemper, to go over I would love to help! :)

Best Resume Writing Tips for 2014:
YOUTUBE, Resume Writing Tutorial:
Resume Action Verbs Sheet:
Transferable Skills Sheet:
Cover Letter Tips:

3. Picking the Right College
The first question you should ask yourself is if college is the right direction you want to take after High School. If college is the path you want to take, this is the perfect section for you.  There are many factors to think about when it comes to picking the right college that fits your best interests.  College size, location in the US or world, possible major or interest, appropriate match to enterance scores, and there are soo many more.  It is important to do your research, email college representatives, take tours, and as much as you can to find the perfect match.  Below are some websites that can help you on your journey.

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