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Grand Meadow High School
Curriculum for Health Education 2015-16
Instructor: Mr. Burmester
Course Description:
Health Education class is designed to provide instruction to promote a positive state of physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being.  This class is designed to allow students to gather health information, analyze what they have found, and begin to use the information to establish healthy lifelong habits.
Units Covered:
Mental and Emotional Health
Family and Social Health
Growth and Development
Consumer and Community Health
Injury Prevention and Safety
Personal Health and Physical Activity
Communicable and Chronic Diseases
Environmental Health
Grading:  Grades will be based on total points using the following scale.
A  100-94%                 C+  79-77%                 D-  63-60%
A-  93-90%                 C    76-74%                 F    59 and below
B+ 89-87%                  C-   73-70%
B   86-84%                  D+  69-67%
B- 83-80%                   D    66-64%
Late Assignments:
Late assignments will not be accepted.  Students will be given time in class to work on assignments.  If they assignment is not finished during the class period, it then becomes homework.  If a student misses a day it is their responsibility to ask the teacher what they missed.  If a student misses one day, they have one day to complete the assignment.  If they miss two days, they’ll have two days to complete the assignment and so on.
Class Expectations:
1.)        Prompt/Prepared
            - Be on time.
            - Be in your seat.
            - Bring appropriate materials.
            - If you are not prepared for class you will be given a tardy.
2.)        Present
            - You need to be in class to gain full advantage of things being presented.
4.)        Positive
            - Be helpful to one another when learning an activity.  Everyone will have more
5.)        Polite
            - Follow rules/directions the 1st time they are given
            - Respect the rights of others to learn.
Computer Use
-Any student using a computer for games without permission will be given one verbal warning during the quarter.
-Second warning will result in a detention.
-Third warning will result in a class removal.

Extra Homework
Students may earn extra homework during class.  Students earn extra homework by talking when they are not supposed to, not following directions, or by continually disrupting class.