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Instructor:  Christina Swanek           Email:         Class meeting time: 2nd Hour
Animal Science Biology and Technology
Course Description/Objective:
To teach students the science and technology of today’s agriculture with respect to its importance to daily life.  Modern agriculture currently employs over 20% of today’s workforce, with less than 2% actively involved in production agriculture.  Agriculture encompasses so many various facets of society whether it is production, communications, biotechnologies, genetics, sales, and even mechanized sectors.  Agriculture will always be the supplier of food, clothing, and innovative technology.  Gone are the days of cattle drives and milking cows by hand, but agriculture with its new technologies is here to stay.  By the end of this school year, students will be able to explain the physiology behind cattle heat cycles, raise a market hog, properly calculate dosage amounts according to the weight of animal, judge a set of market or breeding animals, and select an animal science career based on industry outlook.  Students will be able to take a current event and explain how it relates/affects their life.
Course Content:
Unit 1.  Animal Science

  1. What is Animal Science and why do we study it?
  2. Leaders in the industry
  3. Careers in Animal Science
  4. Scientific Method
  5. Advances in Production of Food from Animals
  6. Animal Immunizations
  7. Refrigeration
  8. Artificial Insemination
  9. The use of computers
Unit 2:  Application
  1. Animal Diseases
  2. Parasites
  3. Swine Management and the Swine Industry
  4. Beef Cattle Management and the Beef Industry
  5. Dairy Cattle Management and the Dairy Industry
  6. Sheep Management and the Sheep Industry
  7. Horse Management and the Horse Industry
Unit 3:  Physiology
  1. Cellular Biology and Animal Taxonomy
  2. Biology of Growth and Development
  3. Muscle and Meat Biology
  4. Biology of Digestion
  5. Biology of Reproduction
  6. Genetics and Cloning
  7. Ethology: Animal Behavior and Welfare
Required Text and Supplies:
Textbook, Ipad, pen/pencil, folder, paper/notebook 
Grading Criteria:
The grades for this class will be based on a combination of assignments, labs, quizzes, and tests.  Quarter grades will be based on the following:
                                     45% tests and quizzes
                                     35% assignments and labs
                                     20% Final Exam
A    100-94
A-    93-90
B+   89-87
B     86-84
B-    83-80
C+   79-77
C     76-74
C-    73-70
D+   69-67
D     66-64
D-   63-60
F  < 59
Student Requirements:
Attendance is a necessity to be successful in this class.  Students will be responsible for any work missed.  It is the student’s responsibility to meet with me prior to any known absences from class or upon immediate return to class in the event of an illness or emergency and make the necessary arrangements for all make-up work.
Class Room Rules:
  1. Be on time
  2. Bring a writing utensil, your text book, a folder to keep your papers organized, and paper.
  3. I realize there are times you may need to be excused to go to the bathroom, however, this is disruptive to class.  I will not be able to halt class until you get back and there will be information that you miss.  I will allow 2 excused bathroom breaks per quarter.  You will be responsible for getting any information that you have missed from a fellow classmate.
  4. Cell phones, I really don’t like them.  They are to be in your pocket at all times.  If you are unable to keep it in your pocket it will become mine until the end of the day.  I don’t waste your time by checking my phone for messages/games/etc. and I don’t want you to waste my time.  It is rude!  If you are a repeat offender of having your phone out, 3 times or more, you will receive a detention.
  5. Be respectful to EVERYONE!!  The range of knowledge that people have on agriculture is huge.  There may be parts that everyone knows at least a little bit about and then there will be parts that not many know about.  I want conversation.  I want to take what you know and expand on it.  You will be amazed at how much agriculture affects your daily lives. 



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