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Class of 2018 - Dates and Information 

March 28th, Wednesday


End of 3rd Quarter – Check appeal guidelines; write appeal letter for senior trip if necessary—This should be checked by the students. Advisors will not inform students of the need to write an appeal until May 1st.



Scholarship Packets Assigned



Scholarship Packets Due

May 1st, Tuesday


Qtr 4 Midterm – If students do not meet ALL eligibility requirements for senior trip, they will write an appeal at this time (Due May 11th, Friday)

May 5th, Saturday



May 16th, Wednesday

2:00 P.M.

Senior Awards – Legacy Gymnasium



Senior Dinner

Bear Creek Lutheran Church

74727 265th Street

Grand Meadow, MN

May 22nd, Tuesday


Report to Classes/Check out

May 23rd, Wednesday



May 24th, Thursday



May 25th, Friday

9:00 A.M.

Graduation Practice – Attendance will be taken in the Legacy Gymnasium


7:00 P.M.

Graduation (Please be at the school no later than 6:20 P.M.)


Senior Trip Guidelines and Trip Criteria


Seniors must be on track to graduate and meet board, administration, and faculty standards to participate.  A list of those seniors planning to participate must be approved by administration.  Students not participating in the trip are expected to attend regularly scheduled classes.  Absences by a senior during this time must be pre-approved by the principal.  Students with an attendance percentage less than 85% may be denied participation in the senior class trip. If students do not follow the eligibility guidelines, they may appeal in writing. The appeal will be reviewed by the class advisors and administrators.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Seniors must be passing all classes their senior year with a D- or above for each grading term.

  • (Quarter 1 through fourth quarter midterm)

  • Any student who receives more than three detentions must appeal to be eligible for the senior trip.

  • All dues and forms must be turned in by the assigned times.

  • Students who have more than ten Category II and/or Category III absences for the year in any class will need to appeal to be eligible for the senior trip.

  • Any student who receives an out of school suspension (OSS) or an in school suspension (ISS) during their senior year must appeal to go on the senior trip.

  • Any student who has received any harassment or bullying charges will have to appeal to go on the senior trip.

Appeal Guidelines

  • Any student needing to appeal for the above reasons will need to write a Senior Trip Appeal Essay.

  • Essays must be submitted no later than one week after the fourth quarter midterm.

  • Appeals will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Write an essay to an audience of your peers, supervisors, and administrators explaining what circumstances lead to your ineligibility; propose your plan to avoid further misconduct; and why you believe you should be allowed to go on the senior trip.


12 Point Font

Double Spaced

Times New Roman

3-5 Pages

Automatic Disqualifications

Seniors who participate in a "senior skip day" will not be eligible for the senior class trip (If 60% of the senior class is absent, there will be an administrative investigation to determine the validity of absences).