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English III Discussion
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Day 1 - Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian
Come up with two questions from your day 1 reading. The questions should NOT be based on recall. They should be open-ended questions that are based on the topics and ideas from the reading.

After you have generated your questions, respond to two other questions They should be from different students.
Yesterday, you were asked to put yourself into someone else's shoes and consider WHY someone may be offended that as aspect of their culture is being used as a mascot. Today, you will be expressing your OPINION on the topic. Read the following quote from the president of the National Congress of American Indians:

"The invisibility of Native peoples and lack of positive images of Native cultures may not register as a problem for many Americans, but it poses a significant challenge for Native youth who want to maintain a foundation in their culture and language. The Washington team’s brand — a name derived from historical terms for hunting native peoples — is a central component to this challenge."
1. What is privilege?
2. When people say “white privilege,” what is the connotation?
3. What privileges do people of European decent have that people of color may not have?
4. What privileges does Arnold recognize that people in Reardon have that people on the rez do not have?