Grand Meadow ISD 495‚Äč

710 4th Ave NE  PO Box 68  Grand Meadow, MN 55936  Phone: 507-754-5318  Fax: 507-754-5608

E-Learning day activities for grades 1, 3, 4, 5-6; 7-8 and high school choir.
Miss Moe's email for all e learning days is ; All I want is a short sentence telling me what you did.  Elementary classes check your updated blizzard bags for your activity.

Fourth Grade students-work on recorder music.  Make sure to give notes the proper amount of beats.

Fifth/Sixth Grade:
Choose one of the following videos from youtube and email me with a short sentence about what you watched.




Junior choir members (grades 7-8):    Choose one of the following.  Email me once you have finished.  Write a sentence or two about what you did.



Senior choir members Choose one of these activities:
1. cut and paste the highlighted information to your browser and pull up these short videos:;

E mail me a sentence of what you thought. ( 


2. Go to RECORDINGS and pull up Baba Yetu.  Practice each part with the recording.

send me an email when you are done with a sentence or two about what you did.