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MCA Reminders

Dear Parents,


Tomorrow we will begin our MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments) testing which impacts a number of grades beginning with third graders. We remind our students this is a chance to demonstrate the wonderful learning that has taken place over the course of this year, as well as, previous years.


Some reminders we shared with your children are:

  1. Do your best. All we ask is that they try their hardest, plain and simple. We will be happy with any results if we know they did the best they could.
  2. Take your time. We all know that rushing through the test will likely not be the best reflection of their ability.
  3. Recheck your work. Teachers and staff have been working on test taking skills with students and ways to help them do the best they can on the MCA's.
  4. Get plenty of sleep. Research shows students who are well rested excel in many areas.
  5. Eat breakfast. It is also important for your child to eat breakfast either at home or at school on their testing days and every day.
  6. Relax. We stress the importance of doing our best and with that comes the importance of not stressing out about the tests. We remind them that every other student in the state is taking the same test so let's show everyone how great we can do!

Another reminder is the Department of Education has strict rules on phones and electronic devices during testing sessions. Students will leave their phone in a box or designated area in their teacher's locked classroom during the time they are testing. This will ensure there are no distractions to themselves or their classmates. Thank you for your support.

Author: Paul Besel   E-Mail: